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Crowning the Jesus Candidate for President

NPR ran a story today that caught my eye: Evangelical Leaders Struggle to Crown a Candidate. Apparently Republican leaders are trying to come up with a “Jesus” candidate for president. It seems that few things are as important to the Religious Right as getting their man in place politically. Now, of course society needs good leaders making policy and directing our affairs. But as believers, we can never be sure “our” candidate is also God’s. Continue reading Crowning the Jesus Candidate for President

Patriotism and Mission

Dave Black has written a new essay, The Persecuted Church: An Obstreperous Flower, which is well worth reading.  A taste:

When our sons and daughters go off to war we honor them for their willingness to die in military service. But the minute our children tell us they want to give up career or marriage for the sake of Christ we spend countless hours trying to keep them from “going off the deep end.” Much of today’s popular pseudo-patriotism and flag waving is centered around a horrible distortion of Bible doctrine. It denies the very heart of the Gospel and says, “Self-denial for the sake of the nation is honorable, but before we follow Jesus we must bury our dead or bid farewell to our families or build new barns.”

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(David Alan Black is the author of Christian Archy.  Quotes from his blog are used with his permission.)